Mission Statement

Sacha Runa was created by Miguel Kavlin to share the many teaching he has received throughout his life and which he has sought to integrate, apply , practice and carry to fruition and share with others in ways that can be of benefit to them, to their families, communities and all of creation. He seeks in this way to contribute to restoring the “Hoop of Life” , a sacred life in harmony and balance among all people, nations, cultures, religions and creatures.

Sacha Runa is an organization dedicated to help people reconnect with the vital forces of the Universe, their own truth and the Supreme Source. We help each to purify and transform so as to liberate the obstacles that chain us to the state of suffering and illusion, and learn to reconnect to source, draw healing, nourishment and inspiration and learn to allow Spirit to guide our lives and to share and serve others with Divine Love and Light.

Sacha Runa is a name in Quechua which means “We the people descended from ancestors in ancient times, who know how to live in harmony with the land and are connected with our ancestral truth, but courageously engaged with the forces of the present, in order to co-create our future in meaningful ways”. The people of the Amazon that carry this name (quichuas from the Napo, in Ecuador) seek to overcome the dissolution of their traditional life by the forces of modernization  by a careful combination of ancestral and acquired knowledge; they brave the future with a vision of utmost survival and cultural integrity. Inspired by their example we seek to train Warriors of the New Earth, a generation of heart-centered people devoted to overcoming their egos, connecting to source, and sharing Light, Love and Beauty. We do not subscribe to any particular religion, but have received, applied and honored every spiritual tradition and teaching which spirit in its perfection has placed on our path, applying the spiritual transmissions we have received with integrity and earnestness, studying the spiritual knowledge that was shared with us, and sharing the  spiritual practices we have learned. This include Native North American Native, Amazonian, Andean, Tibetan, Sikh, African, Chinese and Judeo-Christian.

We are convinced and committed to building bridges and finding the common nature that unites and bonds all creatures in love, compassion and mutual care-taking. We seek to live in Love, Surrender and Devotion to the One Source, and Honoring All Beings, with humbleness, respect and compassion, and to  imagine and create a beautiful life for ourselves and future generations. We welcome any and all people from all religious backgrounds who come with a sincere and wholehearted desire to connect to source and caretake of all creatures.

Intensive Chamanic Retreat

This three-week shamanic retreat has been designed for all those who seek a profound transformation in their lives.

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