Community Guidelines

  • We believe essential to the spiritual path that each participant that each person is watchful and committed to positive thinking positive feeling positive action and positive speech and seek to avoid negativity in all its manifestations.

  • Sacha Runa encourages a safe nurturing honest and courageous environment where everybody takes care of each other and is honest enough to confront somebody when something is out of line or hurtful to anyone in a loving and kind way.

  • All participants are expected to take care of our sacred places the infrastructure and the well-being of participants and that the whole community.
  • All participants are expected to keep clean and a considerate and respectful demeanor towards other participant staff teachers and all.

  • All participants are expected to also practice karma yoga which means helping out with anything that is necessary. 

  • Ingestion of any drugs alcohol is prohibited during the retreat.

  • Sexual relations among participants or between participants and staff is strictly forbidden.

  • One must follow the Shamans recommendations and protocols at all times.

  • To leave the retreat centres for outings in town one must announce one’s departure and is completely under the responsibility of the participant while also keeping the instructions and guidelines. All costs there in such out things are not included in the packages.