Project Description

Ayahuasca Ceremony

During the tour we will participate in a traditional Amazonian shamanic healing ceremony. We will be in the dark, sitting around the periphery of temple enclosure, while undertaking a soul journey that will purify the body, heal the emotions and traumas and enlighten the mind with deeply-felt insight and orientation through the shamanic chants, instruments, tobacco blowing , etc.

We are honoured to receive all guests and believe we will take care of you with true love, devotion and surrender for a most transformative experience.

The duration of the tour is 12 hours; it includes a one hour introductory talk and meditation, 4 -hour Amazonian shamanic ceremony, 4 hours sleep in shared gender specific dorm, a small meal and two hour sharing-circle to process and integrate the experience.

When you arrive you will settle in to your dormitories and maybe rest for an hour to prepare for the ceremony. Then we will gather at our the temple where the shaman will carefully explain to you for maybe an hour or an hour and a half whatever you need to know in order to be best prepared for the ceremony as well as listen to whatever your own questions and desires are in order to serve you better.

Then the ceremony will begin and the lights will go out, and for about four hours you will be sitting in a magical realm listeing to the sacred chants of the shaman the sacred instruments being played, and the shaman with the sounds reeling the energy will help you confront the traumas of your past and to release many of them while also opening you up to receive inspiration, guidance, healing, solace, empowerment and blessings for your life. So four four hours you will undergo a magical mystical journey that will most likely transform your life for the better while also helping you to face your demons and get rid of them, so you may walk lightly upon the earth as a better human being better able to serve.

Once the ceremony is finished we will go back into our dorms and rest for about four hours and then share a small breakfast and gather again at the temple for a talking circle where people will share with one another what they have experienced . The shaman will also give you feedback helping everybody to process and integrate the experience in a healthy way and give completion to it so that people are ready to reintegrate themselves to their daily routine.


Ayahuasca Ceremonies take place in both our centers.

Check out what you should bring for the Amazon or Andes retreat


  • Maintain for 3 days

  • Last meal should be a light lunch

  • Arrival for the ceremony is always after lunch or at least two hours before the ceremony and departures are after the group integration.


  • No red meat

  • No alcohol

  • No drugs

  • No sugar
  • Abstain from intercourse

Please inform us!

You should inform Sacha Runa if you are taking any medications. Thank you!