Condor and Eagle Prophecy

I first met Beautiful Painted Arrow around 1983, at the Southern Ute Sun Dance, and he instantly became my spiritual father, as my own father who had passed away when I was twelve came through Joseph on our first meeting, blessings our encounter.

After building the Peace Chamber in Bolivia, Beautiful Painted Arrow came to start the First Bolivian Sun-Moon Dance. He brought as a gift a painting of the Condor and the Eagle coming together, and painted a mural on the wall of the Kiva where the painting was placed.

In this Peace Chamber we have been conducting Shamanic Healing Rituals for many years with countless miraculous healings and transformations taking place. All of them involve singing and chanting, and working with the magical and transformative power of Sound, while connecting to Source and channeling its vibration and interacting with the vibrations of all present to weave a beautiful tapestry of energy to heal and align as anew.

At some point while I was performing shamanic ceremonies in Ireland, I had a visionary dream, where I saw at our Bolivian Sacred Land, first an Allkamari, the Guardian Bird who it is named after (Buzzard-Eagle), who then turned into a Condor, and then into a woman, who enticed me to merge with her, which I did. Then I saw the chamber filled with both Silver and Golden light, and I knew the blessings of both Sun and Moon where with us and that the chamber would have a special destiny.

Many years later, [Around 2006], I went into a very deep crisis where I questioned everything in my life. It was in the worst part of this crisis, when I decided to conduct a Sacred Andean Ceremony at our Ritual Chamber in the Andes. While in the ceremony, I observed that painting of the Condor and the Eagle coming together that Beautiful Painted Arrow had gifted our chamber.

I had always wondered if all these talk about the Condor and the Eagle Prophecies was only marketing and someone’s invention, but in that ceremony I decided to find out for myself. I decided to hold a Condor feather in one hand and an Eagle feather on the other, and seek to integrate them in my consciousness. My consciousness in fact took a leap of some kind, I entered another state, and remember saying out loud: “Now the Condor and the Eagle have comer together”.

Moments later, a most amazing thing happened, a Sublime Presence manifested in the room, not with a form but with a magnificent, noble, benevolent and powerful tangible presence. At that point I could do no more than prostrate myself flat on the floor, for I felt I was in the presence of the Divine, and that presence was a great blessing onto all who were there. I had never experienced the Andes Mountains, the stars, the earth and all energies aligned in such a state of grace and blessing before.

The message it conveyed is that the Messiah is here (Pachakuti the natives call it), that the New Earth and the New Heaven are here and now. The Messiah is this Divine Presence that is accessible to all who wish to connect, serve and bring compassion, bliss and peace to their lives.

Slowly but surely, that presence began to manifest more and more often in all the various ceremonies that we perform, including the sweat-lodge, Sun-Moon Dance and others and also in my daily meditations and everyday life. This presence has also touched many of my companions on the path who participate with me in ceremonies.

It is this Divine Presence which later brought me to meet Babaji Baldev Singh, who embodies and exemplifies the state I had experienced in the Kiva, and a is a clear channel for, and a passageway to that state of Grace. I have devoted much time since to undergo my personal transformation, seeking to embody one day that state of grace.

I believe it is both our destiny and our birthright, our possibility and our obligation to do so, and that we keep on reincarnating over and over again until we achieve this. In this troubled times, it behooves all spiritual worriers to endeavor to achive this in our lifetime!!!!!

Now I finally came to understand the meaning of the Condor and Eagle Prophecy. Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, in his usual mystical/magical/visionary masterful way had of course foreshadowed it all with his gift of that painting for our Chamber. Thank you always and forever father!!!!

Blessings to all: