Shamanic Retreat


This three-week shamanic retreat has been designed for all those who seek a profound transformation in their lives. Each initiate must be prepared to experience intense personal realizations that will lead him or her to surrender the will to control to serve the divine purpose. We will be working with plant spirits, participating in several ceremonies with the sacred vine Mother Ayahuasca and the priestly cactus Father Achuma, we will undergo these revelations in places of power overseen by the Ancestral Guardians of the Andes and the Amazon, and we will be guided at all times by a group of highly trained shamen. Whatever our personal prayer may be, or the form our particular ailments may take, the only spiritual requirement that is needed to be nurtured by and blossom through this course is an innate sense of love, surrender and devotion. This course has over 30 years creating warriors of the New Times, transmitting to our participating brothers and sisters from all around the world the indigenous teachings and healings that we have inherited. We recommend this retreat to all those who wish to receive the divine presence of the Great Spirit, who wish to absorb the sacred essence of the Andes and the Amazon, and who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual evolution.

Sept. 10 – We meet in Rurrenabaque to board together the boat that will take us to our Lodge up river: Wizard Mountain.
Sept. 11 – We will explain the intricacies of the retreat in our first talk and have our first ayahuasca ceremony together.
Sept. 12 – We will begin the shamanic diet with specific plants of the jungle to strengthen our spirit and heal our body.
Sept. 13 to Sept 25 – We will have four or five more Ayahuasca ceremonies, following the strict shamanic diet based on fish, rice and plantain without salt or sugar, taking long walks through the jungle, learning about ourselves and our relationship with the earth.
Sept 26. – We return to the City of La Paz and sleep in safe haven at our Hotel, Alkamari, located in the Valley of Souls looking at the shining peaks of the Illimani.
Sept. 27 to Sept. 30 – Sacred Pilgrimage with Achuma (probably in the Island of the Sun in the Holy Titikharka Lake). During the day we will prepare ourselves for the Long Dance, our last ceremony, under the stars, with Achuma. We will close that ceremony with a Temazkal, or indigenous sweat-lodge ritual. After sharing what we’ve learnt, in sacred communion and glorious celebration we will end our shamanic retreat.

1. All interested parties must send a letter of admittance, minimum 4 pages in length, where they tell their personal history, their motivation to take this course, and anything they deem important that the shaman in charge should know (for example, any medical records we should be made aware of).

2. The course lasts from September 10 to September 30. It starts in Rurrenabaque, in our lodge Wizard Mountain, and ends in La Paz, in our Hotel Alkamari. During the whole course breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at these places, but there are days in which we will not be there to take them, as in the three day escapade to the Island of the Sun. When we are not in our resorts, these days do not include neither breakfast, lunch or dinner, and we will not be covering the costs of transport or housing. When in our resorts, the meals served will be of a basic menu; anything else may be ordered but it is considered foráneos to the course and shall be billed accordingly.

3. Participants who have already sent their letter of admittance and have been duly approved to take the course must take notice that the City of La Paz is at a height of 3.600 metros above sea level, it is surrounded by mountains, and the weather is warm in the mornings and very cold at night. Thus sunscreen, a hat, and warm clothes are a necessity. Rurrenabaque is merely 40 metres above sea level, and its weather is moist and hot. We recommend participants to bring mosquito repellent and light clothes.


Taking the criteria that there are  several realities and we can not compare a Bolivian minimum wage with a First World Country minimum wage, prices are differentiated into: Bolivia, Neighboring Countries and First World Countries. Interested people should write to us describing their country and we will send them the cost.