Born in Kansas and raised in Colorado, Mahzza traveled and lived throughout the USA and the rest of the world walking his spiritual path, dividing the majority of his time between Bolivia and Colorado. He worked with Don Miguel Kavlin as assistant and apprentice since January 2005.

Mahzza graduated from the University of Colorado/Boulder with a B.F.A in Theatre-Acting and spent the following 7 years working as a professional actor in New York City; founding his own award-winning theatre company Bluecoat Repertory while also perfoming in classical and modern theatre, several television shows and independent films. However, although showbusiness proved to be a financially and commercially successful path, it was certainly a spiritually unfulfilling one.

After much soul-searching Mahzza decided to consciously place his Relationship and Path with Spirit in highest priority. So he left showbusiness and began to acquire skills in new directions. He studied bodywork and completed an intense Massage Training program in Ithaca (NY) becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist. Then leaving NYC and moving to Seattle (WA) he apprenticed a Wiccan Herbal Master and Ceremonialist learning and deepening his relationship with gardening, herbal medicine and magick, astrology, tarot, and various forms of wiccan and magickal ceremony and ritual.

Feeling the strong desire to see and experience more of the world, he then left Seattle and plunged into India, Thailand and Southeast Asia for a year strengthening his yoga practices, meditation and continuing to expand his knowings of Self and Consciousness. Leaving Asia he traveled and worked in Europe for a brief period teaching and sharing some of the skills he had acquired over the years. It was while he was teaching a Breath Mechanics workshop in Ireland when he heard/felt the call to come down to Bolivia and experience his first taste of Intensive Shamanic Cermonial and Medicinal work. He traveled to South America and participated in Don Miguel´s first Shamanic Intensive. He since continued to commit himself to this work, blending his Wiccan Magickal work with his Yoga practices into a unique Shamanic weave.

In between his journeys to South America Mahzza traveled back to the USA and other places working as a Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher, Ceremonialist and held workshops teaching Breathwork and Tarot.

Mahzza was a Certified Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor. He graduated from the Reflexology Certification Program at The Open Center in NYC, as well as the Fingerlakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY. He also completed the Thai Massage Training at the Wat Po School of Thai Massage in Bangkok, Thailand, and studied various forms of Yoga throughout the United States and India. He worked as a body therapist for over 6 years.

With the Tarot Mahzza studied and worked in both Professional and Ceremonial contexts for over 10 years. He had several different teachers providing him a variety of perspectives and avenues in working with this artform. He also provided astrological consultation, breath workshops, and was a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor and training Shaman.