Ceremonia de Ayahuasca

Viaje por el día

Te podemos buscar por la Iglesia San Miguel en la Paz, Bolivia. Luego vamos para el Centro Alkamari. Es un viaje de 30 minutos por los andes enfrente al Illimani. 

Te podemos buscar en el pueblo de  Rurrenbaque y viajar 20 minutos rio arriba hacia el Centro de Retiros del Cerro Brujo.

La duración es de 12 horas. 

Incluye una charla introductoria de una hora y meditación, una ceremonia de 4 horas, 4 horas de descanso en una cabaña, una pequeña comida y luego una charla donde compartimos nuestras experiencias de la ceremonia.

También ofrecemos retiros chamánicos de 3, 5, 7,10 días y si lo desea pueden ser mas extensos.



During the tour we will participate in a traditional Amazonian shamanic healing ceremony. We will be in the dark, sitting around the periphery of temple enclosure, while undertaking a soul journey that will purify the body, heal the emotions and traumas and enlighten the mind with deeply-felt insight and orientation through the shamanic chants, instruments, tobacco blowing , etc.


Due to the nature of the ceremony, no meal will be served the night prior to it. We will, however, provide a nutritious breakfast to regain our energy the morning after, and any further meals for those who desire to book more days. Our lodge at Wizard Mt. has beds with mosquito nets and running water but no electricity, to preserve the natural rhythm of the jungle. A gentle silence permeates the place, for it has the ideal conditions to listen to ourselves. The principal requirement that any person taking this day trip should commit to is to surrender the ego in love and devotion. Since the healing ceremony takes place in the heart of the jungle, where the longest mountain range meets the largest rainforest, we also recommend you to bring mosquito repellent and water-proof clothes.



(Taking the criteria that there are  several realities and we can not compare a Bolivian minimum wage with a First World Country minimum wage, prices are differentiated into: Bolivia, Neighboring Countries and First World Countries. Interested people should write to us describing their country and we will send them the cost.)