Throught my life I have sought to find the spiritual life and communion with God wherever I could. I have studied and apprenticed with a few teachers in the Native North American, Andean, Amazonian and Tibetan traditions, and each has given me something precious and beautiful and I still honour, practice and follow each of my teachers and each of my paths.

Also since young I always prayed for World Peace, understanding among different cultures, ethnicities and religions, balance and harmony with nature and all creatures who inhabit it, and the improvement of the human condition in general (poverty, illness, etc).

When I first met Babaji Baldev Singh, in July 2008 in B.C., Canada, I was undergoing a personal crisis of sorts and was questioning absolutely everything in my life, was full of confusion and sadness, and needed guidance. On the way to see him I prayed really sincerely, and when I met Bababji, without my saying anything about my grief, he was able to address it. I felt such a powerful and wonderful connection with him, and with many of the people in the Sangha(community) that I was truly surprised…it felt like coming home to my people in some strange way.

Babaji is regarded by his community as a Holy man, and I certainly believe he is one of the few people walking this planet at this time who is fully merged with the Divine in service. He is most humble, sweet and full of love and compassion. He can see through us and give us the guidance that we seek, directly from Source. Silent meditation with him is like surfing, easy and natural, we just have to catch the wave and ride into the bliss of homecoming.

Half a year later I took my son Marcos to India to spend a month with Babaji at his temple compound: Bulandpuri, I was surprised to find such a large group of people who gathered to pray without any hipocresi, who worshiped with devotion, who served the Sangha with much joy, and who treated each other with such respect and love.Both my Son and I felt welcomed, cared for, appreciated and loved.

I had gone there with the deepest and most heartfelt desire to surrender to God’s Will, immerse myself in his Grace, and learn how best to Serve. As a result I feel deep changes have happened and my prayers are being answered.

Later, speaking with Babaji, I discovered also that we share this dream of breaking the barriers of prejudice and hatred and uniting the diverse cultures, religions and nations of the world in the Love of God and the Service to His/Her Children, while respecting everyone’s different religions and backgrounds.

In all my meetings with him thus far, he has always been surrounded by his community of Indian Sikhs, but I did not see any westerners. But Babaji has received instruction to reach out to westerners and has asked for my help in this regards.

So if you feel called by this letter, you may meet Babaji. If so, please contact me and i will send you the contact info.

Also, I am excited about the possibility of bringing people from all over the world to experience the transformation I have experienced in Bulandpuri, India, and to the service we all together can provide to make this world a better place for all God’s Children.