Stupa Project

"The Stupa has now been completed. To read about how it happened, click here"

sacha runa

We are building a Stupa in the Bolivian Andes ( it is already under construction) at 3,600 mts (12,000ft), in front of Sacred Mountains Illimani and Mururata.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche has spoken of how Guru Padmasambavha managed to enlist the service of the powerful Mountain Gods of Tibet who first opposed Buddhism, and through his help became guardians and protectors of the teachings instead. We feel that the mountains in the Andes are also very powerful and have awesome potential for service.

Bolivia is going through powerful times of transition, with the first native indigenous government in 500 years (similar to the end of apartheid in South Africa), and an upsurge of Native Self Esteem, potentially to great benefit for all humanity, but potentially also a source of conflict and turmoil.

We feel the blessings and the awareness of the Buddhist teachings in the Andes could be a great influence and bring benefit for all sentient beings.Therefore we have undertaken to build a Stupa in the Bolivian Andes, and Rinpoche Namkhai Norbu and H.H. The Dalai Lama have sent us relics to place within it.

We want to extend an invitation to those who would wish to contribute something to place within the Stupa to help us with their blessings and have a connection with it's function, to mail it at the aDDRESS ABOVE, and let us know so we await and track it's arrival.

Please do so before September 30, 2009

Long Life to H.H. the Dalai Lama
Long Life to Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche
Long Life to All Vajra Brothers and Sisters
May the teachings be preserved.