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At the center of the movement to awaken, heal and empower is a truly conscious sense of place. From our bodies, to our lands, to our world, to the worlds beyond our dreaming, the evolutionary path finds seekers of all kinds in an ever deepening process of asking questions about and drawing maps of our environments. It is this genuine curiosity about our placement in context to a greater whole that teaches us to experience the wholeness within ourselves. In that sacred space between ourselves and our greater selves, we are able to evolve.

In the heart of this movement, the Sacha Runa collective has created, with deepest of reverence to the sacredness of its surrounding lands, a series of spiritual eco-retreat centers. These centers act in unison with a cultural eco-tourism company, co-created with the local aboriginal communities to enrich their economy and culture. In step with the land, Sacha Runa presents an ecology of guided spiritual journeys through the sacred sites surrounding our centers. Finally, we work to share the teachings of these lands in Europe and North America once a year.