Statement of intention

Spiritual Tourism, Shamanism, Meditation, Ritual and more


This image represente the unity of traditions that comprise the vision, mission and reality that is our work. 

"With beauty before us may we walk, with beauty behind us may we walk, with beauty all around us may we walk, through the returning seasons, forever, may we walk again"

"Sacha Runa[Sicuanga Runa] is a warrior among warriors. people who are feisty, who do not accept without argument the authority of the state,the church, or of their fellow men and woman may be called Sacha [Sicuanga] Runa. When one feels hemmed in, the person who provides release from the bonds may be nicknamed Sacha Runa. To me, Sacha Runa expresses an individualistic alternative to the inevitable social bonds by a capacity to ‘cut,’ to release. to allow one’s life to proceed, to allow things to become what they will."
(From Norman Whitten's Sicuanga Runa)

"I am the sacrificial fire, I am the sacrificial lamb, I am the smoke that rises, I am the wind that carries, I am the deity that welcomes, I am the giver and the receiver, I am All that Is I AM That I AM"
(By Miguel Kavlin)

Warriors of the New Time. Shamanic Healing and Training Retreat.

Jan/Feb 2014.
Bolivian Andes & Amazon. Come Experience the Magic of 2 Male and 2 Female Shamans working together in Peace, Harmony, Integrity and Sacredness to help you Reach your Potential, Become Aligned to your Divine Purpose, Incarnate the New Time and Serve the Well-Being of All that Is. Ayahuasca, Wachuma and More. Sacred and Wondrous Medicine for those Wishing to Receive. Honor the Divine Presence, Harmonize with the Divine Purpose. Train to Serve with Compassion, Love, Devotion and Surrender.
For Real, Sacred, Caring, Safe Ayahuasca and San Pedro Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, Sacred Wachuma Pilgrimage, Wachuma Long-Dance, Meditation, Sacred Chanting, Sweat Lodges, and much more in Gorgeous Andes and Amazon Retreat Centers.