Staff Profiles

Miguel Kavlin
Carmen Castaneda
In Memoriam : Mahzza
Wayra Larco
Phillip Josey

Our Teachers

Joseph Rael
Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
Don Hector Aguanari
Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez
Babaji Baldev Singh
Don Policarpio Flores

Expanding the Collective

Plant faculty

Sacha Runa is a living network of medicine people, master plants, ceremonialists, shamans, artists, healers, students and teachers of all kinds. Our works and lives span through an abundant diversity of mediums, techniques, backgrounds, and species to compose a truly dynamic ecology of souls. All of us are shaping and being shaped by the visionary landscapes of the emerging medicine culture. Alligned in the seamless unity of nature, we are learning to engage our collective roles as one with the medicine itself.

In the heart of this movement, Sacha Runa offers up a host of faculty biographies, as well as an ever-growing ecology of collectives, from the plants that we work with, to the artists who communicate the spirit of our work, to our allies across the internet and beyond. We invite you to actively explore your relationship with this vast community of interconnectedness, inspiring your own creative roles within the Sacha Runa Collective. Feel free to contact us to expand the co-creation.